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16AD00206, 16AD00234

Resealable bag sealing tapes, antistatic

General information:

They are adhesive tapes used in the production of LDPE, HDPE or PP bags with flap and sticky tape. Tape reclosable bag allows repeatedly open and close. It is applied by hand, or directly on bags making machine. Tapes are atistatic easy release cover foil for comfortable work in the packaging without the cover film sticking to hands, packaged goods, or surrounding objects

These tapes are available in versions

- Flat narrow role

- Wide spool with long wínding

Adhesive tapes are always sold only after the whole package, usually 10-15 narrow flat rolls, with typically winding 500, 1,000, or 1,500 linear meters in a box or 1-2 large spools with typically winding 3000, 5000, or 10 000 linear meters.

Goods are sent either in units of express and parcel services, or on pallets. This product can be ordered from all European Union countries, including the candidate countries and the UK.

Prices are usually set without VAT and without delivery, and shipping costs is calculated separately, except for the Czech and Slovak Republic, where prices have already been established with respect to the price of transport.

We can make invoice in the following currencies: CZK, EUR, PLN, USD

Current product availability, please check at your request, or before the order. Best selling products are usually in stock in sufficient quantities, but it may happen that some items may be temporarily sold out, so tell us your needs this assortment let know in advance, or with us make a scheduled order for a longer period and you will have the necessary amount always Reserved.

Delivery time

usually within 5 days after order confirmation. In case of urgent needs, the deadline may be shortened by agreement, but it is necessary to count on additional expenditures associated with the urgent delivery of about 5% of the price of the product

Prices of goods

are always given without VAT and are usually determined EXW (excluding transport) our warehouse Valasske Mezirici

The price of transportation

is set individually according to the size of the order (number and size pallets), the distance of the customer (landing sites) from our warehouse and the current offer transport companies. The price of transport is charged depending on actual costs without VAT, which invoiced forwarders to us.

Obvyklý sortiment

Width (mm)

Length (m)



Placing the glue

Common availability

Qty pcs in box

Order code

12 1 000 transparent anti static right or left Only to order 15 lp12-1000rlm
12 10 000 transparent anti static right or left Only to order 2 lp12-10000rlm
15 1 000 transparent xxxxxxx middle In stock 15 lp15-1000m-o
15 1 000 transparent anti static right or left Only to order 15 lp15-1000rlm
15 10 000 transparent anti static right or left Only to order 2 lp15-10000rlm
15 1 000 metalic xxxxxxx middle Only to order 15 lp15-1000-metal
15 10 000 metalic xxxxxxx middle Only to order 2 lp15-10000-metal
15 10 000 transparent xxxxxxx middle In stock 2 lp15-10000m-o
15 1 000 red   middle In stock 15 lp15-1000-joy
15 10 000 re   middle In stock 2 lp15-10000-joy


5 000 transparent xxxxxxx middle In stock 2 lp19-5000m-o

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