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BOPP printed adhesive tapes

General information:

Adhesive tapes from biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) with printing 1-6 colors on usually white, brown or transparent substrate (base color may be at an additional cost, other than the three options).

Adhesive tapes are supplied as standard with the adhesive synthetic rubber (hotmelt), or upon request, with an adhesive of natural rubber (solvent) or with silent glue or adhesive with increased resistance at low temperatures. On printed tapes did not routinely (cheapest) acrylic adhesive due to its volatile characteristics at low temperatures and humid weather.

Included width 25, 38, 48 (50) 75 mm, usually supplied coil is 66 m, but a request may be any other package e.g. 30, 60, 100, 132, 300, 330, 660, 990 m, or by demand and customer needs. The thickness of the carrier film is produced in three layers 25, 28 and 32 microns.

Printing technology for a number of roll width 360 48 (50 mm), or other quantitative equivalent calculated on the spread m2 between the tape and adhesive to protect the print from damage by abrasion. Printing technology for below threshold amounts (359 and fewer roles width 48 (50) mm or the equivalent in other latitudes) is on top of the tape (meaningful minimum for an order is 144 rolls width 48 (50) mm, or the equivalent in other latitudes).

Print graphics and printing plates provide the amount of 360 rolls width 48 (50) free of charge at below the threshold amount (359 roles and less width 48 (50) mm) imprinted on the upper side of the tape should be the first order of a new project to pay the cost of printing plates (jenorázový expense - for repeat orders are no longer valid).

For business firms offer surcharge possibility of printing paper inside of the tube.

Delivery time

usually for new projects about 4 weeks from last agree graphics idea, for repeated projects about 3 weeks from order agreement from us.

Prices of goods

are always given without VAT and are usually determined EXW (excluding transport) our warehouse Valasske Mezirici

The price of transportation

is set individually according to the size of the order (number and size pallets), the distance of the customer (landing sites) from our warehouse and the current offer transport companies. The price of transport is charged depending on actual costs without VAT, which invoiced forwarders to us.

Miminum order quantity / Colour quantity printing on usually white, transparent or havana tape
COLOUR QUANTITY PRINTING 1 colour 2 colours 3 colours 4 colours 5 colours 6 colours 7 colours 8 colours Fotoprinting
MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 144 rolls 144 rolls 144 rolls 540 rolls 540 rolls 540 rolls individually 720 rolls
(other tape colour than wrote up - add 10 % to standard price)



FREEZER (for low temperature)

 ON SURFACE  not using 144 - 359 rolls 144 - xxxx rolls 144 - 359 rolls 144 - 359 rolls
 SANDWICH  not using 360 - xxxx rolls  not using 360 - xxxx rolls 360 - xxxx rolls
Table for use by the quantity ordered techology in dimensions 48 mm x 66 m (width for the other windings and the conversion of the quantity in m2)    

Route planner

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