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Want you to become our new supplier of goods or services? Please note attention to the information and conditions specified below:

Dear suppliers,

although the number of products we produce ourselves, we offer within our assortment of other products of other manufacturers or importers, because according to our company philosophy is our competition is not our enemy, but a potential business partner.

To enable us to include in the list of our suppliers and classify your assortment of goods offered in our commercial program is imperative that you comply with and accept the following requirements for our company to its suppliers:

Range of goods

On the whole range of our products, we already have a permanent and established suppliers, so it is important that the products we want to offer were particularly unique, innovative, new or otherwise interesting and practically useful.

If you really want to offer products that are already part of our range, then let us have your offer to provide really distinct advantage over the menu existing supplier, or a combination of advantages because we prefer a stable and long term business relationships with reliable business partners with proven quality, before short-term benefits resulting from eg. only a slightly lower price.

Usually have at least two suppliers for the same range, one main and one backup, during the year we buy from both. General contractor we have only for unique or patented products, or if it requires a long-term contract.


NOTE: Please always make sure that you offer products and services related to the business focus of our company and we do not use unnecessary products services that are not related to our activities. Irrelevant menus are not dealing with automatically and is signing as SPAM.

The price of supply and demand

Always indicate the prices without VAT per usual measurement unit or per unit of measure on which we agree, the unit of measurement is always on the menu clearly indicate. Always indicate separately the price of goods for orders from your store EXW (FOB) and extra cost, including transportation DAP (CPT) or the extra cost of transport according to your options.

Likewise always quote currency bids ideally in CZK, EUR, PLN or USD, however, accept bids in these foreign currencies JPY, CNY, GBP, CHF, RUB, RON, TRY, SEK, NOK, DKK, HUF, HRK, HKD, INR, BGN

If you will request your offer ourselves, so we expect your offer ideally within 24 hours, or within three working days of departure or at a complex contract we expect confirmation of receipt of the demand with the expected date of execution.

If you'll numbered inquiry, please always indicate the number of our demands in your offer. If our demand is merely asking the body of the e-mail message, then always answer, please give the date and, if possible, send time demand. Accelerate the processing of your offer on our side and thus increase the chances of a successful conclusion of the transaction.

Reliability and communicability

For our suppliers, we appreciate and require reliability, compliance with the agreements (including unwritten), and communication. It is important for us to be able to count on the fact that so it will be valid - especially in terms of prices, delivery dates and quality. When changes occur, then we appreciate and require timely information and verifiable justification true change, we can and we are true and timely argue and inform our customers.

It is important for us, if we call to you, so you always pick up the phone or (if important reasons not answer the call) you call to us back as soon as possible, even in those cases when you know that you call is not "pleasant "eg. in order to resolve the complaint, or urgency of delivery dates, etc.

Identification products

From our suppliers we require always clear, accurate and guaranteed identification of goods and services. This means that goods must be in your menu in the invoice clearly described so as to avoid confusion or we were not misled, including units and the delivered goods must match that description. Delivered goods must also be clearly marked on each package and pallet card so that it can be uniquely identified and matched with the data in the invoice or delivery note. The quality and quantity must always correspond to the supplier's offer, our order and vendor invoice. Deviations and permitted tolerance shall not exceed the agreed technical data sheet or information that allows binding norm DIN or EN, or governed by a contract with the supplier.

Payment conditions and invoicing

Generally we require maturity in the standard period under the new Czech Civil Law Code of 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods. Advantage they can get suppliers who would offer longer maturities eg. 45 or 60 days. If you want us to maturity of less than 30 days, or if you want to pay in advance, then we expect a discount for paying in a shortened period of time, or for prepayment of your current prices.

We prefer to send invoices electronically before sending regular mail. Receipt of the invoice sent by e-mail will always confirm the answer.

Invoices always send both e-mail addresses: and

If you send us an invoice by mail, and ideally to korespondeční address for business in the Zašovská street (see contacts)

Transportation of goods and delivery deadlines

Transportation of goods from your warehouse can we can provide ourselves through our own vehicles or external carriers, but as an advantage appreciate if we ensure the delivery of your goods yourself. The agreed delivery dates should be respected and should not be much, or often lag behind. If you happen to know that you are in arrears with the agreed deadline, do not forget us in time about the reasons for the delay and an alternate term for our approval.

We reserve the right in case of a delay longer than a week to withdraw from the order. In the event that the unreliability occurs repeatedly, or we are not informed about the delay or the non-contact supplier, or uncommunicative, then we will remove it from the list of vendors.

General information

As our supplier, you can be sure that if we will provide reliable service and quality products at reasonable prices in a quality / price ratio, you always get a chance to "call" a competing offer (while but do not provide information about our suppliers or their prices and terms of any commercial third parties and to improve stavávající bid prompted solely on the basis of the report of the competing offer (eg. that we were offered a better price, or other business condition), but without accurate data about a specific company, or their prices and conditions)

Contacts for approval of suppliers:

Jaroslav Susen packaging and packaging materials, auxiliary materials, packaging and small packaging company Ing. Ivo Penn, for machines, machine parts, equipment and spare parts


To contact us your offer, then please contact us in writing only to the above e-mail address. Do not call.

When we deliver your offer, we will contact you by yourself, please do not contact us with urgency for advice, answer all. Our e-mail address Never include mailers for sending ads or newsletters.

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