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The other hand-held staplers-Universal SP stapler

The universal SP stapler has 3 interchangeable anvils thanks to which it can bind cardboard trays (a), blisters (b), long cardboard boxes (c) as well as binding other materials. Comfortable and light body is perfect for intensive work.

Model: SP-50 
 Staple type, the length of leg:  SB - SB/10, SB/13, SB/16
SBw - SBw/6, SBw/10, SBw/13, SBw/16,
 Magazine capacity:  SB- 100 staples
SBw - 200 staples
 Weight:  2,2 kg
 Dimensions:  370 x 55 x 240 mm
 Air pressure:  2,1 - 3,9 bar
 Efficiency:  2 staples/sec
 Air consumption:  0,067 m3/h

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ePoptávka certifikát Certifikace CERTILINE - ČSN EN ISO 9001 2009 stamp_firma