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The other hand-held staplers-Circular RING stapler

Staplers for circular binding by twining the staple around the object. An easy and fast way of binding plastic bags and sacks, elements of net, wire or chain. Used to fasten springs in the production of mattresses. They are produced in mechanic pneumatic versions.

Model: P-RING 5 PRS-5  P-RING 8 cPRM-8   M-RING 7
 Staple type, the length of leg:  15-ring průměr 5  15-ring průměr 8  16-ring průměr 7
 Magazine capacity:  100 spon    50 spon
 Weight:  1,4 kg    0,35 kg
 Dimensions:  180x60x25 mm  180x60x25 mm  350x220x89 mm
 Air pressure:  5 - 7 bar  
 Efficiency:  100 spon/min mm  
 Air consumption:  0,112 m3/h  

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