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Printing and trimming automatic machine 2R

Automatic line for cardboard packaging production consists of 2 colours flexographic machine and rotary trimming machine.

The printing device is equipped by vacuum transporter which can afford height accuracy of final print. Diameter of printing rolls is 500 mm which allows printing on sheets up to length of 1450 mm.

Simple system of printing technology – tray with plastic faced rolls leads to production cost savings.

TPrinting rolls are coupled mechanically with ability of fluently adaptation during operation around and axially which helps to set the printing matrixs to accurate position.

Transportation part which links the flexographic machine with rotary trimming machine is disconnection able and allows good transport of cardboard to second flexographic machine, so as the possibility of independent printing, or independent trimming on trimming machine.

After printing operation is cardboard automaticly transported to rotary trimming machine, subsequent centering is processed. Right operation of centering is issued by well programmed controller. Electronic system continuously controls mutual rate and position of the flexographic printing machine rolls and rotary trimming machine rolls.

Rotary trimming machine equipped with the roll with diameter of 500 mm allows trimming the product with length up to 1550 mm and can be equipped with system of waste material depuration.

Lines can be offered in different configurations:
Processing width 1,25 m - 2,0 m
Manual feeding (for machine cardboard, for up to 5 layers corrugated cardboards with different height of fold, different surface weight, for already cut blanks, for non smooth surface cardboard, for cardboard with damaged edges, fold, surface, for paper bags etc.)up to 2500 pcs./hr
Automatic feeder (smooth sheets, not damaged) up to 3000 pcs./hr
1, 2 or 3 colours, grid rolls
Additional system of waste material depuration

 Line dimensions:  7200 x 2500 - 3300 x 1600 m
 Weight:  3200 kg
 Power:  4 kW
 Electronic regulation of the speed:  up to 3000 pcs./hr
 Maximal length of proceed cardboard sheet:  1,45 m
 Maximal width of proceed cardboard sheet (according to width of machine):  1,24 - 2,0 m
 Diameter of printing rolls and rotary trim:  500 mm
 Printing block:  5 mm
 Knifes on rotary trim:  25,4 mm
 Stuff need per one shift:  3 persons

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