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Hand-held closing staplers-Hand-held closing staplers pneumatic PA, PC, PCJ

Stapling cardboard boxes is the fastest packing technique, giving a very durable binding. Our staplers are made to work in very difficult, industrial conditions. Wherever high durability, efficiency and quality of machines is demanded. A solid steelaluminium construction ensures high resistance against mechanical damage and guarantees failure-free performance. Low weight of the staples, achieved by using light and durable components, gives a big comfort of work.

Model:  PA/15-18 PC/15-18   PA/18-22  PCJ/22
 Staple type / the length of leg:  35/15, 35/18  35/15, 35/18  35/18, 35/22  32J/22
 Magazine capacity: 100 staples   
 Weight:  2 kg  2 kg  2,1 kg  2,5 kg
 Dimensions:  415 x 115 x 220 mm   
 Efficiency:  2 staples/sec 
 Air pressure:  5-7 bar   
 Air consumption:  0.067 m3/min   

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