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Cutting and slitting machines of materials in roll

This machine is equipped by functions of counter of pieces, programming of pieces per group, setting of length of the final sheet, breaking time (to adjust the accuracy of cutting)
This machine functions in three possible modes – automatic (for set number of pieces (group), semiautomatic (by pressing the button one piece is made) or manual (adjusting mode)
Minimal length of the final sheet is 100 mm
Minimal width of the final sheet is limited by width of roll tools, usually app 50 mm

Model: RSU 1500 
Width of the final product:  1500 mm
 Type of processing:  Cutting and slitting (longwise and crosswise)
 Type of material processed: double layer corrugated cardboard (single fold), PE foam, bubble film, or of he materials (for other materials technological test has to be)
 Total power:  2 kW
 Voltage:  3 x 400 V/ 50 Hz
 Regulation of the pressing roll:  pneumatická
 Pressed air consumption:  cca 0,5 m3/h
 Robotic thrust:  6 - 8 Bar
 Time of the crosswise cut:  3s for width of 1500mm (for smaller width the end sensor can be moved and cutting time can be decreased)
Cutting speed:  regulation able by potentiometer
Feeding speed:  regulation able by potentiometer (max app 20m/min)

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