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Coolig Units

Reduce temperature for maximum of 15°C
The higher the temperature and the lower the relative humidity, the more curtison, cool! can lower the temperature.

Mobility and Hght efficiency - Unlike air conditioning, Can target only the working area.

Clean and refreshed cool air. Humidification to prevent static electricity.

Cost Down
Compared with air.conditioners can be energy saving 70%. Installation free - just plug the wire and connected to the water. Virtually maintenance-free.

Auto Control System
Auto start, operating time setting
Auto dries cooling pads, auto stop
Auto shut off pump when water level is low
LED Display:

Operating Time
Fan Speed
Low Water Warning
Environmental Friendly
Free compressor, No refrigerant, No carbon dioxide emission. Low energy consumption, only a little power consumption and a small amount of water consumption.

Automatic shut down feature
Dries cooling pads before complete shut down, preventing algae and micro organism growth. Gives the cooling pads a longer life. (About $400 ~ $600 savings)

Model: C200   C300 C400 
 Air delivery maximum:  11900 m3/h  17000 m3/h  25500 m3/h
 Cooling capacity:  170 m2  225 m2  355 m2
 Fan power:  0,25 kW  0,37 kW  0,75 kW
 Pump power:  0,17 kW  0,17 kW  0,17 kW
 Power:  200–240 V, 50/60 Hz  200–240 V, 50/60 Hz  200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
 Water reservoir:  60 l  70 l  120 l
 Dimensions:  820 x 540 x 1300 mm  1070 x 660 x 1700 mm  1420 x 800 x 1950 mm

Lowers ambient temperatures an average of 14 °C
Operates at a fraction of the cost of standart air-conditioning
High efficiency, quiet operation, and strong air flow
Space-saving, upright design
Virtually maintenance-free
Environmental friendly

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