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Economical version

General information:

delivered flat
base and lid with outside, secure lock
economical in transport, storage and use
contains no composite materials such as a plastic lid or metal staples
the rectangular shape makes it easy to remove the content

Please send us your enquiry for any prints.

Delivery time

usually within 10 days after order confirmation. In case of urgent needs, the deadline may be shortened by agreement, but it is necessary to count on additional expenditures associated with the urgent delivery of about 5% of the price of the product

Prices of goods

are always given without VAT and are usually determined EXW (excluding transport) our warehouse Valasske Mezirici

The price of transportation

is set individually according to the size of the order (number and size pallets), the distance of the customer (landing sites) from our warehouse and the current offer transport companies. The price of transport is charged depending on actual costs without VAT, which invoiced forwarders to us.

Videa k produktu:

Technical product information:
Item no. Internal dimensions in mm Bundle / Pal. Pce. gr / Pal. kg Pallet size in cm Overlap pal. Quality and colours
ibk-qp520-430105105 430 x 105 x 105 20 / 1800 103 / 205 120 x 80 x 173 no 1.20-D-25, brown / brown
ibk-qp540-610105105 610 x 105 x 105 20 / 1440 132 / 210 120 x 87 x 173 yes 1.20-D-25, brown / brown
ibk-qp550-700105105 700 x 105 x 105 20 / 1440 146 / 230 120 x 87 x 173 yes 1.20-D-25, brown / brown
ibk-qp560-860105105 860 x 105 x 105 20 / 1440 172 / 267 120 x 87 x 173 yes 1.20-D-25, brown / brown

Route planner

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